Saturday, June 21, 2008

hey nana, wei pinK, AND joannah, sorry for not being able to visit you all like the other seniors..but me and regina had mep practial tog! so sorry..we'll make up k? i'm planning to meet you guys during cca fair, conveniently see how you guys fare during cca fair..conquer the fear of sia swee suan! you guys can do it man! let's try to meet up aft during cca'll be you guys' job to plan and decide details den..jia you till den dears!

Friday, May 30, 2008

haiz..yesterday's performance was totally screwed think it's our last performance and we totally embarrassed ourselves on stage..feeling quite sad though, that it'll be our last performance on stage with our juniors..and nowadays nana keeps crying, complaining that it's because "the air is too dirty"..i know why you cry and new got bullied yesterday by our own juniors..lucky lijun was there to protect us..yay! love lijun! oh wells~the good thing is that we have one last performance tonight..hope it'll be good. hope it'll be the best performance ever. it's the last one after all: D

Sunday, January 20, 2008

my second post...

yo porks! it's been two wks since i have updated this blog of mine..was rather busy and would rather sleep than spend time here updating i guess..but my "daughter" has been saying that i was too landiao if i didn't here i am. i simply dislike tan yong meng for always picking on me. everyone single person in my class had their compo returned. only mine and my good friend's. WHY? oh wells~ just have to ignore him. anyway me and new have started to count down to when can we step down from band officially. i used to love band so much that i didn't want to step down. however, perhaps we're gettin older or too tired from this tight schedule, i can't wait to step down:( but i'll still miss all my juniors though..haha:D yosh! 48 band pracs more!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

my first post...

hey people! this is my first post on my new blog since i've forgotten the password to my old one:D can't help it, would rather use my limited brains for other uses..haha! anyway, the past one and a half months of "supposedly" holidays were more tiring for me than the normal school pracs, homework( though i hardly did any) and other irritating things to do..but oh well! guess i spent more than half of my time on watching animes! action+romance animes are the best! haha!